Dr. Neil Levitsky, MD, FRCPC Psychiatrist

343 Wilson Ave., suite 301, Toronto, Ontario            

M3H 1T1


Email:  drlevitsky@rogers.com


Welcome to my website; I am a psychiatrist focusing primarily on Cognitive Therapy and mindfulness approaches.

Cognitive Therapy (also called Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, or CBT) helps through identifying and changing negative thoughts, negative self-talk, and problematic assumptions and beliefs.  Negative thoughts are often inaccurate: these are called Cognitive Distortions.

CBT is a very practical, "hands-on" approach, where clients are taught skills and provided with tools they can use to deal with problems and psychological distress. After each session, there is homework to practice these tools. 

Mindfulness means paying attention to whatever is going on in the present moment, in a non-judgmental way.  This allows for acceptance of things that can’t be changed, and also the ability to reflect on how to respond to things that do require change, without getting caught up in automatic, habitual reactions.

I offer individual and group treatment for a wide range of mental health problems and psychological difficulties.  I particularly focus on depression and anxiety disorders.  In addition to CBT, I use medications when necessary.  Click on the links above for more information.


Note: I am not able to take any referrals for individual therapy at this time, and my CBT groups are currently closed to new referrals, due to the length of the wait list.  I can only take referrals for my MBCT groups - please have your doctor fax me a referral, at fax: 416-515-0241.